Bespoke Single House, Hale, Manchester

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Location: Hale, Manchester

Client:  UKLP /Private Client


  • £4 million development
  • Single Dwelling up to 10,000sq.ft


  • Greenfield site next to Green Belt
  • Large single dwelling plot


  • Undesignated site in wildlife corridor and next to open Green belt
  • Detailed approach needed to townscape and visual impact, ecology and build zone

Summary of NJL Approach:

NJL provided strategic planning advice on how best to approach the planning process, including pre-application stage, public consultation and planning committee. We worked closely with the design and technical team to overcome the difficulties of constraining planning policies, set against the objective of securing an appropriate planning consent for the site. The scheme allows for a follow up bespoke design for a one-off house in one of the most desirable settings in the North West with the benefit of planning consent in principle, with an agreed build zone.


Outline planning consent with no Section 106 Agreement.