Conwy Adventure Leisure: Surf Snowdonia, Dolgarrog, Wales

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Surf Snodonia

  • Conway Council.
  • 18 hectare former aluminium works.
  • The UK’s first inland surfing lake leisure complex

Surf Snowdonia is the UK’s first inland surfing lake, located at Dolgarrog in North Wales. we secured planning permission for the development on behalf of Conway Adventure Leisure.

We formulated a planning strategy, including a multi-application approach accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment. The site is highly environmentally sensitive being a former aluminium works susceptible to flooding and adjacent to an SSSI, therefore early engagement with national bodies and the local authority was important.

The application was ultimately decided within nine weeks of submission. For a scheme of this scale and complexity, this was a great success and was in part due to the excellent working relationship we established with the Local Authority as well as early engagement with Statutory Consultees over the infrastructure works.

Key skills utilised:

                                          • Delivery Strategy Advice
                                          • Planning Application Management
                                          • Consultation & Engagement
                                          • Discahrge of Conditions