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Location: Doncaster Sheffield Airport, Doncaster

Client:  Peel


  • 500,000 sq.ft commercial Plaza at the heart of the airport masterplan
  • 150 homes
  • 15,000 sq.ft offices
  • 3 hotels
  • 100,000 sq.ft of retail and leisure space


  • Proposed town centre to serve Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA), existing and future employment and existing and future residential populations
  • DSA itself subject to ongoing record growth
  • Fastest growing UK regional airport
  • Airport currently lacks support facilities
  • Local area lacks suitable retail and leisure facilities
  • Peel promoting a new town centre at DSA
  • Planning policy advice
  • Collaborative working processes with Doncaster Council


  • Setting a strategy for securing planning permission for the extensive commercial uses
  • Working alongside project leads to ensure evidence co-ordination
  • Preparation of a market facing commercial uses delivery statement
  • Required detailed understanding of local market context
  • Short turnaround for Local Plan evidence
  • Requirement for bespoke retail analysis to inform the planning application and Local Plan promotion
  • Attendance at Local Plan examination

 Summary of NJL Approach:

NJL were instructed to provide the necessary specialist town centre uses reports to support a hybrid planning application for the proposed town centre at DSA. Working alongside the lead consultant, client, and Doncaster Council we were instrumental in the formulation and implementation of a bespoke approach to dealing with a complex proposition.

We also appeared at the Doncaster Local Plan EiP to provide specialist town centre uses evidence, as part of Peel’s overall case for favourable land allocations and policies at the airport.


Planning application supportive work completed.

Detailed evidence, along with non-technical summaries, provided for the Local Plan which resulted in the Council indicating their willingness to allocate the centre in the emerging Local Plan.