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Dale House

  • Manchester City Council
  • Listed Building consents and facilitate new users with former floorspace
  • 42,000 sq.ft office building

After previous set-backs in finding a permanent home, Idle Hands began liaising with Helical Plc and Savills to discuss occupying a unit within Dale House, a 42,000 sq.ft office building which Helical bought in 2015.

Further to investing £7.6m to buy Dale House, Helical has invested money to bring the office accommodation up to modern expectations as well as promote alternative uses within it (such as Idle Hands).

Our role included liaison with the architect and heritage consultant due to Dale House’s Grade II Listed Building status. We prepared and coordinated the planning pack which included policy justification as to why Idle Hands’ occupation would meet policy objectives whilst causing no detrimental impact to heritage nor residential amenity. 

We are now progressing with a further change of use application and Listed Building Consent submission for a neighbouring unit at Dale House. More details to follow.

Key skills utilised:

  • Planning Application Management