Lasalle: Bridgewater Retail Park, Bridgwater

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  • Possfund Custodian Trustee Limited - Fund managed by LaSalle
  • Sedgemoor District Council
  • Planning applications for new retail park terrace, extension and road infrastructure¬†
  • Extention of retail park by 150,000 sq.ft

We obtained planning consent, under delegated powers for a new retail park, amendments to an existing retail park and completion of a link road. The consent will deliver 10,500sqm new retail floorspace for retailers such as Lidl, M&S and TK Maxx.

We coordinated the consultant team and planning submission, prepared documentation including the Planning & Retail Assessment and Statement of Community Involvement as well as hosting a dedicated public consultation process.

We also led detailed negotiations regarding conditions, s106 agreements and CIL exemptions.

Key skills utilised:

                                          • Planning Application Management
                                          • Sequential Assessment
                                          • Retail impact Assessment
                                          • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
                                          • Consultation & Engagement
                                          • Delivery Strategy Advice