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Michigan Avenue

Location: Michigan Avenue, MediaCityUK, Salford

Client: X1-Vermont


  • 1,313 residential units (inc. 13 townhouses)
  • 4 buildings ranging from 9 to 41 storeys in height
  • 1,423 sqm of commercial/ retail floorspace


  • Strategic regeneration opportunity
  • Continuing the growth and momentum of MediaCityUK
  • High density development
  • MediaCityUK’s tallest tower
  • Major public realm provision
  • Creation of a new residential neighbourhood


  • Setting the precedent for high quality design and realm for potential future phases
  • Permeability and connectivity with MediaCityUK
  • Overcoming technical constraints to maximise residential amenity (wind, sunlight/daylight)

Summary of NJL Approach:

NJL worked for Peel Media to obtain outline planning permission and for X1-Vermont to obtain reserved matters approval. 

NJL’s background to the scheme under the Outline planning permission, alongside the design team, ensured that the Reserved Matters proposals were of a high quality design that fully considered the strategic significance of this site and its relationship to MediaCityUK. The scheme will deliver a family of high-quality buildings, each with their own subtle differences in design in order to establish a new residential neighbourhood.

A central part to the scheme was the significant contribution and design of new public realm areas and enhanced connectivity to MediaCityUK. The quality of hard and soft landscaping secured under the scheme will extend along Michigan Avenue to create a new vibrant boulevard, helping to extend the regeneration of MediaCityUK further east across potential future phases. 

NJL also prepared a Viability Assessment and planning advice under the Outline planning permission in order to assist Peel Media with S106 negotiations. These negotiations secured a £4million contribution for the Council which, following the approval of the Reserved Matters application, will deliver significant enhancements to Broadway Metrolink as a key gateway into MediaCityUK through major public realm and landscaping works. 


Outline planning consent and reserved matters approval for MediaCityUK’s tallest buildings.