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Strategic planning advice where intervention is required to manage this underutilised site.  Planning applications approved to retain site value, promote redevelopment for retail purposes and drive occupier interest

The Peel Centre, owned and managed by Peel Land and Property is a 7,800 sq.m retail park on the edge of Wolverhampton City Centre in the Midlands. This first generation retail park has suffered from intense competition from other areas of the city for retailers as well as historic restrictions in place upon the types of goods which can be sold from the site. 

This has led to a situation of low occupier demand and a lack of viability to invest heavily in the site without significant changes to the way the retail park is configured and controlled.

Our Role

Peel Land and Property instructed NJL Consulting to provide strategic planning advice to promote the redevelopment of the site and enhance the site value, bringing it back into beneficial use and operation. 

Whilst the site could form an important part of the overall retail offer to serve the city, in planning terms it is not located in the primary shopping area of Wolverhampton city centre and therefore the redevelopment of the site requires careful justification for this to be considered appropriate in planning terms.

NJL has provided support the Peel to successfully accomplish the delivery of major planning permissions for the site which has provided flexibility in the types of retailers that could occupy the site.  Our expertise in planning and sustainability delivered these planning permissions which are now valid for implementation by Peel Land and Property.

  1. NJL obtained outline planning permission and reserved matters approval for the redevelopment and extension of the retail park to create a retail park of 10,306 sq.m with an additional 2,550 sq.m of leisure floorspace.  The challenges associated with the application included demonstrating that the uplift in floorspace would not have an adverse impact on Wolverhampton City Centre and that there were no sequentially preferable sites.  Concurrently planning permission was also secured for off site highways improvement works which would ensure the park could be suitably accessed and traffic could flow when joining the public highway.
  2. NJL secured outline planning permission for the redevelopment of the site for a 9,000 sq.m supermarket.  The application was being considered by the Council alongside two competitor schemes lead by Sainsbury’s and Tesco and NJL demonstrated that there was sufficient convenience capacity for all three schemes to come forwards without an adverse impact on Wolverhampton City Centre.  Concerns about highways capacity were addressed through negotiation of an agreement to include a signalised roundabout.

Positive Outcome

Securing marketable and implementable planning permissions for the site have ensured that the site holds a value to Peel Land and Property to be able to attract further investment to promote the redevelopment of the site. 

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