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Redevelopment of a brownfield site for retail park purposes

Roundhouse Properties is a company with a number of significant interests in the Bamber Bridge area.  This includes an area of land of at Cuerden Way, which forms part of the South Rings mixed use area. 

Our Role

NJL Consulting is retained to provide planning advice to Roundhouse Properties in relation to the South Rings area of Bamber Bridge in Lancashire.  As part of this role NJL secured outline planning permission for the redevelopment of a brownfield site at Cuerden Way in Bamber Bridge for a retail park development of 6,689 sq.m, known as Roundhouse Retail Park@South Rings.  The permission includes flexibility for uses within Use Classes A1 (non-food), A3, A5, B1, B2, B8, C2, D2 and trade counter (Sui Generis), to provide Roundhouse Properties with the greatest range of options for occupation of the development.

Since the original planning permission was secured NJL has obtained variations to this permission to incorporate greater flexibility in the range of uses that can be located there, in order to assist with marketing of the site.

NJL has also submitted a planning application to remove the restrictive goods condition from the outline planning permission so that the retail park can sell all types of Class A1 goods except food.   That planning application is currently recommended for approval and planning permission anticipated shortly.


A key client requirement throughout the process has been the need for the greatest degree of flexibility possible to assist with the marketing of the site.  This has been achieved at each stage by initially securing a condition on the planning permission which allowed a wide range of uses on the site (Use Classes A1 (non-food), A3, A5, B1, B2, B8, C2, D2 and trade counter), and later obtaining variations to introduce greater flexibility in the floorspace that these can occupy. 

Each application for the site has required the consideration of the sequential approach to site selection and retail impact due to its out of centre location.  This required applying NJL’s in house expertise to the consideration of trade and turnover diversion patterns affecting the areas of South Ribble, Preston and Chorley.

The area is sensitive in highways terms as junctions are near capacity and significant levels of development are coming forward in the local area.  NJL has been involved with negotiating highways contributions with Lancashire County Council, to ensure that costs associated with wider strategic projects are not unduly imposed on our client’s development. 

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