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Edwards Street

  • Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Application for new office development in Stockport Town Centre
  • 53,000 sqft office development

At the prominent town centre location, the lamborghini salesroom was a locally listed building within a Conservation Area and so the planning strategy involved reaching an in-principle agreement on the demolition of the building in advance of the submission of the application. This required extensive liaison with English Heritage and Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council early on in the process.

In preparing the detailed planning application, we worked with the project team, preparing a Planning Statement, Statement of Community Involvement and Sustainability Statement in-house. The case for development justified the loss of the building when weighed up against the regeneration benefits of the scheme and provided a planning rationalisation for the proposed development.

Our team then monitored the planning application through to determination, speaking in favour of the proposals at the planning committee and facilitating unanimous approval within just eight weeks.

Key skills utilised:

                                        • Planning Application
                                        • Delivery Strategy Advice