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Location: Stockport

Client: Peel L&P


  • 21,000sqm (210,000sqft) retail park, one of the largest in the UK
  • 4 recent planning permissions for repurposing and redevelopment of space
  • Numerous applications for other alterations and works
  • NJL Consulting have been advising on the site for over 15 years


  • Largely unrestricted non-food retail floorspace
  • Range of retail and leisure uses
  • Within the primary area of Stockport town centre
  • Delivery of new retail, leisure, food and drink, and associated uses
  • Co-ordinated approach with Stockport Council


  • Previous local hesitancy to development at the retail park
  • Competition from other retail parks and emerging proposals in the area
  • Highways and parking constraints to overcome
  • Condensed development programmes required in order to secure key tenants

Summary of NJL Approach:

NJL provides strategic and detailed planning advice to overcome competing planning issues.

This approach was progressed through a range of planning applications for a mix of uses and for different types of occupiers, all of which has been secured in often constrained timescales.

We have also appeared at Public Inquiry to promote the importance of the retail park to Stockport and sought to defend from competing proposals elsewhere. Our evidence at Inquiry was accepted, such that the retail park is now accepted as being part of the primary area of Stockport town centre.

We continue to advise on strategic development matters, with a view to supporting the ongoing growth of the asset and ensuring emerging planning policy properly reflects the retail park’s importance in Stockport.


Numerous planning permissions secured for market facing development proposals.

Successfully represented the site at Public Inquiry.

Secured Secretary of State acceptance the retail park forms part of Stockport town centre’s primary area, which gives Peel greater flexibility over uses and creates a more simplified planning regime.