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An Environmental Impact Assessment covering two neighbouring sites comprising different uses.

Story Homes and Hadrian's Wall Trust submitted planning applications on adjacent sites off Netherhall Road, Maryport, Cumbria in 2011. Story Homes applied for a residential development of 152 dwellings and Hadrian's Wall Trust applied for a new visitor centre for Alauna Roman Fort. The two developments would share the same access point off Netherhall Road.


Following submission of the applications, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Screening Directions were provided by the Secretary of State stating that both applications needed to include an Environmental Statement.

Our Role

NJL was therefore commissioned by Story Homes to co-ordinate the Environmental Impact Assessment and produce the Environmental Statement.  Due to the close proximity of the sites and the potential for cumulative effects, NJL recommended that both applications should be covered under one Environmental Statement.  A legal opinion was also sought on this approach to ensure it was robust.

NJL requested Scoping Opinions from Allerdale Borough Council in early 2012, with the aim of keeping the EIA focussed on only the potentially significant impacts.

Once the scope of the EIA was established, NJL briefed the project team on both the EIA approach and the content of the Environmental Statement. These needed to set out the impacts for each development separately, as well as the potential cumulative impacts of both developments together. This approach would ensure that the Environmental Statement could be used for both applications.


The Environmental Statement and updated application documents were submitted in December 2012, with planning permission being granted in August 2013. 

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