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The site is located in a highly sustainable location, with easy access to a range of retail, employment and leisure facilities such as the Westbrook Centre, IKEA, Odeon Cinema, Boots, and the Gemini Trade Park. There are also a number of primary and high schools located in close proximity to the site, alongside healthcare provision and frequent bus services.


                     Site Plan New (1)


Land Use


The proposals are for around 80 new houses, which will vary in size and number of bedrooms, to attract people at different stages of their life and allow a mixed community to be formed. Although the site is allocated in the Core Strategy for employment uses, discussions with the Council have confirmed that the site is not suitable for employment development, lending itself instead to residential development.  This will complement surrounding land uses and help to meet the unmet housing need for the area.




Vehicular and pedestrian access to the site will be taken from Delta Crescent, and an internal road network will be provided to allow safe access to the new homes. Our assessment has concluded that safe entry and exit can be taken from this point. Additional pedestrian routes through the site are also proposed which will link through to public footpaths, offsite areas of open space and local facilities.




The proposals will include areas of landscaping and open space throughout the site, including both open amenity space and private gardens. Existing trees will be retained wherever possible and additional trees will be planted to enhance the quality of the development and biodiversity.




The proposed new houses will vary in terms of design, but will all be high quality and meet relevant environmental standards. Each house will have an appropriate level of vehicular and cycle parking in accordance with council standards which will be located within the curtilage of the house wherever possible, and a private garden.


Technical Considerations


A series of technical reports are being prepared which will help to inform the final proposals. These will cover issues such as noise, ecology, traffic impact and drainage, and will all be publically available through the Council’s website as part of the planning application.