The Site

  • The Site

Site background

The site is located at the junction of Falconer’s Chase and Farrier Close on the Gateway 11 Business Park approximately 1.5km north west of Wymondham town centre. It has the B1135 to the north, development land to the east, Farrier Close to the south and Falconer’s Chase to the west.

The modern building is currently occupied by Poundstretcher who moved into the premises in September 2013. It has a gross internal floor area of 2,437sqm and a net sales area of 1,609sqm.

A car park extends to the front of the building and currently provides 114 car parking spaces for customers and staff. Vehicle access is from Farrier’s Close and a pedestrian footpath runs around the perimeter of the site. Directly to the north of the building is an area which was used for the display of outdoor goods when the unit was formerly occupied by Focus.

The proposal

Our proposal is to use the existing building and create a store with a net sales area of 1,431 sqm. To enable Lidl to occupy the building, we will need to do works to both the exterior and interior to provide a store which will deliver our customer needs.

It is proposed that the store will be open between the hours of:

  • 7 am to 10pm Monday to Saturday; and
  • 10am to 4 pm Sunday

Normally there will be 1 HGV delivery to the store per day via a designated service entrance off Farrier Close. All store waste will be collected at the same time as the deliveries, therefore minimising HGV movements within the site. It would be noted that there will be a maximum of two deliveries per day.

The proposal will provide 122 customer parking spaces including 12 large spaces for parent and child use and blue badge holders. Separate staff parking will be provided to the rear of the store. 

 Site Map

 The Benefits

The development of the site will provide the following benefits to the local area:

  • A purpose built store that will provide a clean and fresh shopping experience to meet the needs of customers
  • A dedicated instore bakery
  • Improved shopping choice and provision of a new mainstream discount operator for Wymondham
  • Retention of a contemporary building
  • Employment opportunities, including up to 40 new jobs for local residents