The Proposal

The potential development will bring forward up to 1,500 residential apartments incorporating a new co-living concept with retail and commercial uses that will bring activity to the ground floors of the buildings.  High quality public spaces will be created around the development plots and routes will be established through and around the site to integrate the development with the surrounding area.


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Land Use

The application that is being submitted to Salford City Council is an outline planning application.  For this type of application, the key issue that the Council will be considering is whether they think that the site is suitable for the use being proposed, not the detail of the scheme.

 We are proposing to bring forward a development of up to 1,500 residential apartments with a range of commercial and retail spaces at ground floor level.  The development will contribute to the variety of new housing on offer in Salford Quays and the new commercial spaces will offer new opportunities for new cafes, restaurants, offices, community facilities, leisure or retail uses to support local needs.




The site is located between Michigan Avenue and the Broadway Metrolink stop.  It is the next stage in the regeneration of the area, bringing development east from MediaCityUK to redevelop industrial units for a high density development suitable for Salford Quays. The site’s location at the heart of Salford Quays means that it will benefit from access to the wide range of facilities at MediaCityUK and at The Lowry.


The site is located between Michigan Avenue and the Broadway Metrolink stop.  It is a highly accessible location that benefits from access to the Metrolink (Broadway, MediaCityUK and Harbour City stops), bus routes (along Broadway and The Quays) and car parking. 

Access to the Metrolink and bus routes will be prioritised through the development, to ensure safe access for future residents and users of the site, and also improve connectivity through the site for people within the local area. Vehicular access to the site will be from Michigan Avenue and on-site parking will be limited.


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The planning application that is to be submitted to Salford City Council is an outline planning application.  This means that details of the design and layout of the proposals have not yet been fixed.  These will be submitted as part of a second round of applications, at a later date.

The outline planning application will be accompanied by a Development Framework which will provide guidelines for how the design of the development should come forwards.  This will be achieved through setting a number of design principles and parameters for the development. 

These include restricting development on the site to a maximum of 1,500 apartments which should be delivered across 3 to 6 apartment blocks.  The height of development will rise from south to north across the site to a maximum height of 45 stories.


The development will include areas of high quality landscaping and public open space around each development plot. These areas are intended to enhance the environment within the development, delivering liveable spaces for new residents and members of the public to use whilst creating routes through the site. 

The environment will complement what has been achieved at MediaCityUK and across Salford Quays, whilst creating a distinctive development.  

Technical Considerations

A series of technical reports have been prepared as part of the planning application process.  These ensure that the proposed development can be built safely in this location without causing harm to local area. These reports cover a range of topics, including air quality, noise, trees, traffic impact and drainage. All of these reports will be made publicly available for you to view through the Council’s website once the planning application has been submitted.

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