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  • 07 Feb
    Neighbourhood Planning Banner

    Neighbourhood Development Plans: Power to the people?

    With a number of major planning applications recently being refused amidst perceived concerns that the proposed developments would conflict with emerging Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs), many are wondering if such plans are now being afforded the weight that the Government envisaged when it introduced its Localism agenda.

    In this article, we consider the legislative background to NDPs and how effective a planning tool they are for developers as a way of influencing emerging local land use planning policy.

  • 31 Jan
    Money Homes Banner

    We Need To Talk About Land Banking

    Ed Miliband’s announcement today of measures to increase the number of new homes being built has brought the practice of ‘Land Banking’ into the spotlight once again.

    In this article, we consider whether there is any substance behind these alleged practices, and what the numbers really tell us.

  • 24 Jan
    Sequential Test Banner

    National Planning Policy Framework Sequential Test: More Guidance Please

    It's coming up to two years since the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was introduced. Now that the proverbial dust has settled on this much-welcomed guidance and a number of appeal decisions are in, we thought it'd be a great time to review how effective its sequential test in retail planning has been thus far.

  • 17 Jan
    Investement Banner

    The Community Infrastructure Levy: Speak now or forever hold your peace

    Planning Resource recently published an article highlighting the fact that developers are not engaging with the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) process; neither responding to draft Charging Schedule consultations, nor appearing in person at hearings. Given that it's the developers that will be stumping up the bill at the end of the day, this seems alarming. After all, housebuilders, retail and commercial developers alike play a significant role in shaping Local Development Plans, so why the lack of involvement in the CIL process?

  • 10 Jan
    100 Percent

    NJL Confirm Promotions on Back of a 100% Success Rate

    Heald Green-based planning and development consultancy, NJL Consulting, have today announced the promotion of four of their team.

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