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  • 25 Mar
    Housing Economic Banner

    HBF Publishes Report on Economic Footprint of UK House Building

    It has long been argued, by many within it, that the house building industry and the construction of new homes contributes to the national and local economy and now there is finally a document to support this.

    Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners and the Home Builders Federation published, on 24th March, The Economic Footprint of UK House Building which assesses the economic footprint of the national house building industry, quantifying its contribution to the national economy. The document was presented to the house building industry at the Home Builders Federation Policy Conference 2015 on 24th March.

  • 12 Feb
    Walestan1 790X296

    Welsh Housing: New TAN1 guidance published

    Earlier this week it was announced that the new Technical Advice Note 1 has been formally adopted by the Welsh Assembly Government.  The document, which sets out the rules and requirements for preparing Joint Housing Land Availability Studies (JHLAS), aims to ensure that sufficient land is available to provide for appropriate levels of housing development across Wales.  The new TAN1 document, which has been prepared 9 years after the release of the initial TAN1 guidance, includes a number of critical changes. 

    Having reported on the consultation in December, we now provide a further update by examining some of the impacts of the document. 

  • 09 Jan
    Housing Zones Cameron And Osbourne

    Who wants to be a "housing zone"?

    We are not even two weeks into 2015 but it is already clear that politics will have a huge role to play in the first half of this year (significantly more so than usual!). Political parties will continue to hammer potential voters with their stances on various matters and planning as always will be discussed and observed with a degree of scrutiny. Where political parties lie on the greenfield/green belt verses brownfield land is always a key issue up for debate and the Conservative Party chose yesterday to lay (at least some of) their cards on the table.

    On the 8th January 2015, George Osbourne and Brandon Lewis announced the shortlist of 29 areas outside of London which will now bid to gain cheaper borrowing from the Public Loan Board and priority access to specialist planning support. The ten successful nominations will comprise the first flagship housing zones in England. Chancellor George Osbourne declared his delight to announce the shortlisted areas which he added would be “part of a wider package of measures [to] help deliver up to 200,000 new homes on brownfield land.” Housing Minister Brandon Lewis stated that “getting Britain building is a vital part of [the Conservatives’] long term economic plan”. The concept alludes towards enabling more efficient planning so gaining permission is both quicker and easier, particularly with regards to brownfield sites. It is the government’s intention that the list will lead to ten locations which will have special circumstances to allow more builds for the local community whilst also aiding in the protection of the green belt.

  • 26 Nov
    NW Housing Crisis Banner Image

    Is the North West Broken? - Ending the Housing Crisis

    A recent report by the National Housing Federation (NHF), North West Broken Market, Broken Dreams, has revealed the fragmented extent of the housing crisis in the region. The housing situation in the North West is recognised through the work being carried out by the Greater Manchester Combined Authorities (GMCA) in the preparation of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF), which will guide growth in the Greater Manchester region up to 2037.

    There is a divided housing situation in the North West in terms of levels of income, house prices and need which create a unique crisis that is problematic to tackle, but nonetheless must be. The region has strong, confident cities with aspirations for significant economic growth, which the housing offer in the region should seek to reflect and support.

  • 07 Nov
    Residential 790 296

    Housing - Know your terms

    'The limits of my language means the limits of my world' - Ludwig Wittgenstein

    We live in a world of acronyms and technical jargon.  Planning is no exception, especially in the world of housing.  The terminology can be extremely confusing at best.  In this blog, I explain 10 housing terms, including Government initiatives, which will hopefully provide a little clarity on the subject.

  • 12 Aug
    Hindheath Banner

    New Submission: Hindheath - HIMOR Group

    NJL Consulting have submitted an outline application for up to 200 new homes and a new community facility in Sandbach, Cheshire on behalf of HIMOR Group.

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