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  • 25 Oct
    MIPIM Banner

    The Northern Powerhouse: Still Alive and Kicking

    As part of the Leeds City Region delegation at last week's MIPIM UK I had the opportunity to hear the current views on the Northern Powerhouse from five of the regions' key political figures.

    Speaking in a panel discussion at MIPIM UK, each was asked to comment on the current Northern Powerhouse proposition, the impact of Brexit on the concept and aspirations for the Budget Autumn Statement.

  • 20 Oct
    MIPIM Banner

    NJL attends MIPIM UK

    Similar to the focus of last year's conference, MIPIM UK 2016 had a strong regional focus in both the stands and seminars.  However, this year it wasn’t just the Northern Powerhouse agenda that was the talking point but also the Midlands Engine and cities and counties within these areas vying for investment.  This included the Northern Gateway authorities of Cheshire, Warrington, Stoke on Trent and Lancashire sitting under the Northern Powerhouse banner but separately to the city agendas of Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield. 

  • 17 Mar
    Cannes (1)

    NJL at MIPIM - Interview with Nick Lee and Rob Crolla

    Nick Lee, Managing Director, and Rob Crolla, Director at NJL, talk to Roland Dransfield Head of Media Alex Bell during a busy MIPIM 2016 in southern France.

  • 26 Oct
    Exhibition Hall 790 X 296

    NJL visits MIPIM UK

    As most people in the planning, property and associated industries will know, MIPIM UK is the UK’s largest exhibition and conference for property professionals and took place last week (21-23 October). This blog provides an insight into the event which had 4,500 participants, 600 investors present, representation from 35 cities, and 60+ conferences and networking events, all in a 2,000 sq.m exhibition area, Olympia in London.

    The second year of MIPIM UK kicked off with a keynote speech by Lord Maude of Horsham, Minister of State for Trade and Investment.  He set the scene for the conference stating the UK has the fastest growing economy in the west and more people working than ever before. With £1 trillion FDI last year and £100 billion of the economy from construction, it is the time for investment in the UK property industry. 

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