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Justine Entezari

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  • 18 Mar
    Money 790X296

    Budget 2015: Benefits for housing, development and the regional economy

    The 2015 Budget claimed Britain's economy is 'walking tall' once again and contained a wealth of announcements that could have positive repercussions for planning, development and regional economies. 

    So without further ado, we'll explore some of the announcements that were made and delve into their potential impact. 

  • 12 Feb
    Walestan1 790X296

    Welsh Housing: New TAN1 guidance published

    Earlier this week it was announced that the new Technical Advice Note 1 has been formally adopted by the Welsh Assembly Government.  The document, which sets out the rules and requirements for preparing Joint Housing Land Availability Studies (JHLAS), aims to ensure that sufficient land is available to provide for appropriate levels of housing development across Wales.  The new TAN1 document, which has been prepared 9 years after the release of the initial TAN1 guidance, includes a number of critical changes. 

    Having reported on the consultation in December, we now provide a further update by examining some of the impacts of the document. 

  • 15 Dec
    Wales Sheep 790X296

    It’s All Change in Wales - Planning Reform and Implications

    You’d be forgiven for having missed the fact that there are some pretty major planning changes on the horizon in Wales.  While national policy changes in England are widely reported, Welsh planning news can sometimes slip under the radar, but should not be overlooked.

    This blog considers some of the Welsh Government documentation that has recently been consulted on and highlights the major headline proposals.

  • 21 Nov
    Tarleton 790X296

    Tarleton Residential Application Approved at Planning Committee

    An outline planning application proposing up to 17 new homes, access arrangements and public open space at Hesketh Lane, Tarleton has been granted permission by the West Lancashire planning committee. 

    Working on behalf of the Lilford Estate, NJL initially coordinated a public consultation which afforded the local community the opportunity to comment on the draft proposals.  Subsequently, NJL prepared the Planning Statement and Design and Access Statement in-house, coordinated the remaining technical documentation and submitted the planning application to the Council.  The application site partly falls within the development boundary of a Key Sustainable Village, and is partly allocated for open space.  Designing a scheme that respected both policy designations was therefore critical. 

  • 13 Nov
    Stockport Homes Banner

    Success for NJL as the new Stockport Homes HQ is approved

    A detailed planning application proposing the redevelopment of a car salesroom and vacant industrial premises at Edward Street, Stockport to form the new Stockport Homes’ headquarters, has been approved at planning committee.  The proposed 7,000 sqm of modern office accommodation, which is set over 4 floors, will sit opposite the Town Hall and front onto the A6.  The proposed development will see the consolidation of Stockport Homes’ existing services into one location.

    The developer for the project is Quorum Estates Ltd, a property development and investment company based in Wilmslow.  NJL Consulting provided planning advice and AEW Architects designed the scheme.

  • 04 Nov
    Manchester 790X296

    Mayor of Manchester to Gain Strategic Planning Powers

    Chancellor George Osborne yesterday (November 3rd) rubber-stamped a devolution deal that will see Greater Manchester granted an elected mayor, who will have powers over regional housing, planning and transport. 

    The "revolutionary" agreement will see the directly elected mayor take on devolved powers worth £1 billion, with the government preparing legislation to schedule the first election for 2017.

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