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Nick Lee

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  • 02 Jul
    NJL Main Logo 2018

    Monthly Round Up


    May and June 2021 marked a further return to ‘normality’ with further Covid-19 restrictions easing across the Country. City centre’s are returning to their pre-pandemic vibrancy and the diaries are becoming more and more full with meetings, events and other social activities.  The NJL team are now back working in the office throughout the week and look forward to catching up with people from the industry over the summer months. 

    Across May and June, NJL has seen a busy and prosperous period with various project successes and planning committee dates, new instructions, new appointments and promotions. You can read a round up of our activities last month here.


  • 04 Dec
    Old Hall Farm

    Green Belt Update - Case Study on Very Special Circumstances

    NJL consulting have just secured a significant new consent for a private client. This is for 3 new build houses and conversion of old barns for further residential development. This particular case, in Cheshire Green Belt is very significant for a few reasons.

  • 20 Apr

    171 miles and 4,000 metres climbing in a single day = another Nick Lee cycle challenge!

    You will all know that I am generally up for doing some fundraising and have done so over the last couple of years by doing some bike challenges.

    This time, it is somewhat more personal in terms of the challenge I have been set. My sister-in-law is having to battle a severe brain tumour and, when you feel pretty helpless on what to do, she suggested doing a really stupid bike ride with my brother and his friends who likewise are rallying round to try and do something.

  • 13 Jan

    GMSF, Green Belt and Governance

    So, just as the final days of consultation on the first draft of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework draw to an end, the fireworks go off with the prospective Mayor, Andy Burnham launching a major broadside to help spark the debate further. The press are lining up the other candidates as being pro the Framework (Sean Anstee) and anti (Jane Brophy) with Burnham seeking changes but not scrapping it.

    Notably, Burnham is quoted as saying “no net loss” to the Green Belt. A telling phrase.

  • 05 Aug
    Skys The Limit2 Downtown Dallas At Night Via Flickr

    Development Plans - Planning to Fail?

    A version of this article appears in the August 2016 edition of the RTPI's 'The Planner', available here

  • 11 Jul
    Moyan Brenn UK

    Post-Brexit Signs of Sanity

    The post-Brexit blues may be somewhat less deep in the coming few weeks IF our national politicians ramp up the necessary leadership which has been sadly lacking since the decision to leave was made.

    I can accept a democratic decision, but I can’t accept the temerity of politicians of all shades to simply have an unseemly fight amongst themselves, with none having a post-Brexit Plan.

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