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20 Apr

171 miles and 4,000 metres climbing in a single day = another Nick Lee cycle challenge!

You will all know that I am generally up for doing some fundraising and have done so over the last couple of years by doing some bike challenges.

This time, it is somewhat more personal in terms of the challenge I have been set. My sister-in-law is having to battle a severe brain tumour and, when you feel pretty helpless on what to do, she suggested doing a really stupid bike ride with my brother and his friends who likewise are rallying round to try and do something.

Hence, a trip to Belgium to cycle in the Liege-Bastogne-Liege ride THIS SATURDAY!! – only 171 miles with some 4,000m of climbing… in one go. I have never got close to such a distance, and, with little training done, the fear factor is rising.

We are raising funds for the Brain Tumour Trust. The unfortunate position is that significantly less funding goes into this type of cancer than pretty much any other. Until all this happened, I had no idea that the level of investment was so low. It needs changing.

I appreciate you get many requests. Please don’t feel obliged over this, noting the more personal nature of the cause as well, but any help would obviously be really appreciated. Any “per mile” donations may be useful as the prospect of not finishing is genuine!!!! However, I have my lights and if they kick me off the ride I do still intend to try and get to the finish!!

Please use the below link to find out more and make a donation if you wish to do so:

Thanks to those of you who have been so generous so far.


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