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08 Aug
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9 Facts About Planning And Development That Will Surprise (And Possibly Anger) You

1. Cheshire East don’t have the worst success rate at appeal in the northwest – Halton Council do.

Planning Appeals Allowed 2013 14 CE HIGHLIGHT

2. Despite what the Daily Telegraph would have you believe, the number of homes granted planning permission has only increased by 30% since the NPPF came into effect. 

Housing Development

3. Town planning was an Olympic sport from 1928 until 1948. In that time, Germany was most successful winning two gold medals – Britain won just one.

1928 Olympics

4. It is now over ten years since the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act required Council’s to update their development plans to become Local Development Frameworks (a Core Strategy, Site Allocations Plan etc.) To date, only 56% of them have managed to do so.

Local Plan

5. The amount of Green Belt in England has actually increased since 1997.


6. 86% of the public don’t understand the difference between a greenfield site and the Green Belt.

Green Belt

7. Based on a number of studies across the globe, the more restrictive the planning regime is, the higher house prices become relative to incomes.


8. The word ‘NIMBY’ might only date from the 1980s, but anti-development sentiment has been around for much longer. In 1910, E. W. B. Nicholson, librarian at the Bodley in Oxford, wrote a pamphlet titled ‘Can We Not Save Oxford’s Architecture?’ He said of one development proposal, ‘To put it up would be little short of an aesthetic crime.’ The offending structure? The tourist hot-spot that is Merton Bridge – better known as The Bridge of Sighs.

Bridge Of Sighs Oxford Resized

9. Britain's biggest land owner is The Forestry Commission.  Its 2.5m acre estate is more than four times the size of the second place National Trust.

Forestry Commission Resized

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