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30 Nov
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Check in, check it out

A collaborative research project between NJL and the University of Washington

Blog written by Hollie Barton

NJL and students from the University of Washington recently collaborated on a research project linked to the hotel industries in Manchester and Leeds.  This blog seeks to summarise some of the findings and examine the growing industries, particularly in relation to Manchester. states the UK’s tourism industry is predicted to be worth £257 billion by 2025 and that in 2017, over 39 million overseas tourists visited the UK.  A figure I found quite surprising is that of those 39 million tourists, only 1.19 million came to Manchester (the others having severely missed out in my opinion!).  Almost a third of all visits to Manchester were in the July to September ‘peak’ season. Visiting families and relatives represents 35.8% of all visits; business visitors representing 31.6% and leisure tourism being 20.3%.

Appendix B - Identification Map Manchester


Manchester has seen an average occupancy rate of 78% across a total of 11,000 rooms in 2018 compared to an average occupancy rate of 79% in 2016 and 80% in 2017.

Manchester benefits from approximately 160 “boutique” hotels in total, and of these there are anything between 9 and 312 rooms in each.  With a focus of the research on boutique hotels, the students collected information on 9 existing hotels in Manchester City Centre.  Data collected included the number of rooms; on-site amenities; rates at peak and off-peak seasons; and star rating, but also differentiators including if the hotel had a lobby service, on-site parking (the collected research finding 24% of the surveyed hotels had private on-site parking), and leisure facilities such as a spa, gym or pool.  

Map - Pg 21

The average size of these hotels was 68 rooms with average daily room rate at £201 per night during peak season and £84 off-peak. 

As part of their projects, the students highlighted sites which may have potential to accommodate a new boutique hotel in Manchester (and also Leeds).  Some of these sites comprised vacant land with, and others housed refurbishment and/or conversion opportunities (of which 43% of the student’s shortlist of boutique hotels had come about via the latter route).

Appendix E - Manchester New Development Plan

From Invicta House in Manchester to a new hotel project we are working on in the West Midlands (more to be revealed in the near future), to Surf Snowdonia, NJL Consulting has skills, expertise and successes in the hotel and tourism industries.

I would also like to use this as an opportunity to say thank you to the student teams and your coordinators for your time and dedication to the projects, and to Richard Kingston and his team at the University of Manchester for facilitating the opportunity.


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