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01 Aug

City of York consult on Housing and Employment sites

After much deliberation City of York Council has published for consultation the Local Plan – Preferred Sites document.

Current Document

The Local Plan - Preferred Sites document presents updated evidence in relation to both housing and employment needs and also presents a revised portfolio of sites to meet those needs based on further technical assessment.


The Preferred Options Local Plan was originally published in summer 2013.  This set out the spatial strategy for the city and identified housing and employment growth as key drivers to change.  Following this a Further Sites Consultation was held in summer 2014, focusing on the results of testing the suggested modifications and new sites received against the site selection methodology and with relevant technical officers.

The Preferred Options Local Plan and Further Sites Consultations helped to develop a portfolio of sites to meet the identified housing and employment needs of the city to be reflected in the Publication Draft Local Plan. 

The Local Plan Publication draft was taken to Members of the Local Plan Working Group and Executive in September 2014, who voted to take the draft Plan out to public consultation.  However, this plan was halted by Members from progressing to consultation following a motion at a Full Council Meeting on 9th October 2014 to review the overall housing requirements included in the plan.

Since 2014, York has been updating its evidence base in line with the agreed motion.  This has included taking further papers to Members of the Local Plan Working Group in September 2015 in relation to the overall housing and employment requirements for York.

The current consultation is the culmination of this work.

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This document is pivotal in determining future patterns of development in York.  It is imperative that this new technical evidence base supporting the strategy and site selection is robust and provides the proper basis for the future planning of York.

Consultation on the Local Plan – Preferred Sites document and associated evidenced base ends on 12 September 2016.  Should you have a site or sites you wish to promote through this process, sites already allocated or sites which are impacted by emerging strategy or other proposed allocations please contact NJL Consulting (Leeds) to discuss how we may be able to assist. 

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Images sourced from:

City of York Council

"York Minster Evening" by Tony Hisgett via flickr

"The local building site" by Micolo J via flickr

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