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23 Feb

NJL Submits Application for New Homes at Vale Drive, Oldham

Aerial Final 210107 Brighten

Working with First Choice Homes Oldham, NJL are pleased to have submitted a full planning application for 88 dwellings at Vale Drive, Oldham.

The scheme proposes 26 houses and 62 apartments all of which constitute affordable housing. The accompanying landscaping strategy enhances the site with tree and hedge planning and provides shared and private external spaces for the future residents. As part of the development, an off-site open space is being proposed at Broome Street, including a much-needed equipped area of play.

The proposal at Vale Drive is part of the wider regeneration of the estate, looking to ensure that it remains an attractive and sustainable neighbourhood where people choose to live. The development brings back the site into residential use and positively constitutes to the character of the wider area.

NJL provided strategic planning advice and managed both design and technical teams during the pre-application process. We also represented the client during a number of pre-application discussions with the Oldham Council and managed the public consultation process which were influential in formulating the scheme proposals.

Having submitted, we will be continuing to manage the application through the determination process.

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