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29 May
Delta Cresecent Image Of Housing

NJL Submits Application for New Homes in Warrington

On behalf of Quorum Development Management and Seddon Homes, NJL Consulting have submitted a detailed planning application at land off Delta Crescent, Warrington. The proposal seeks to develop a total of 79 residential dwellings across the 3.07 ha site which will form a natural extension to an existing development in the Westbrook area.

NJL have been involved throughout the early stages of preparing the application and have managed progression through to submission. As part of this process, NJL worked closely with and managed the project team, reviewed technical reports and prepared a detailed Planning Statement to support the application. The Planning Statement included a review of the local and national policy context, and justification for the principle of residential development at the site, which is allocated for employment uses.

In liaison with co-consultants, NJL also assisted in ensuring that the scheme provides an efficient use of the land based on the site’s constraints and opportunities, while bringing forward a high-quality design. The result is a detailed proposal which both reflects and respects the local vernacular.

Seddon Homes are a multi-regional house builder with a respected track record for delivering high quality family homes; the proposal will build on this track record by providing attractive and diverse homes for future residents to enjoy within Warrington.

Moving forward, the application will be monitored and managed by NJL throughout the determination process to what we hope will be a positive decision.

Image courtesy of Seddon Homes

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  1. Jamie Watkins Avatar
    Jamie Watkins Wednesday, June 6, 2018

    A great result for Seddon Homes, who are one of the most respected house builders in the UK. Warrington has a severe shortage of quality housing, and this will go some way to helping ease this.

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