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15 Apr

NYX Hotel – Full Planning Application submission at Broad Street, Birmingham


On behalf of Jury’s Inn, NJL Consulting has submitted a full planning application for a new hotel at Broad Street, Birmingham.

The proposed development will bring a new hotel offer to Birmingham City Centre with potential to be the first NYX new-build in the United Kingdom. NYX brand presents an innovative and exciting approach to the hotel industry. It recognises culture as being ‘the soul of the city’. For this reason, NYX hotel is considered to be a happening hub of urban culture.

The brand seeks to form collaboration with promising, young artists, fashion designers, and musicians, and give them a platform of space to create, perform and exhibit. Attracting NYX hotels benefit from art and personality to its individual location via street art, 24-hour DJ sessions, pop-up fashion shops and more.

As an innovative hotel brand which generates its own visitors, NYX seeks to enhance Birmingham’s existing hotel offer and contribute towards the city’s growing tourism industry and the local economy. NYX hotel boasts a distinctive ambience with a wide range of regional influences and local flair. It is cosmopolitan, cool and chic, distinguished by an innovative interior design and harmonious colour concept. Popular trends are adopted, and great quality is placed on the selection of furniture, colour schemes and accessories.


The proposal includes a 12-story hotel with multi-level parking and a restaurant/bar on the 12th floor. The design, including its proposed density, will contribute to the local distinctiveness and the city’s skyline. The proposed materials reflect the local character and built environment.

The proposed hotel seeks to use an existing brownfield site in the city centre, immediately next door to the existing Jury’s Inn on Berkley Street. Through the jobs it would generate and the potential additional contribution it would make to the tourism and hotel market, the proposed hotel seeks to make a more active contribution to the local economy compared to the existing car park. The development could create approximately 110 employment opportunities, including a range of roles for different skill-sets such as managerial, positions within the food and drink sectors, and maintenance.

For this application NJL worked closely with the design and technical team (Consarc Architecture) to bring forward an acceptable design and prepare the planning application documentation including a Planning Statement. 


NJL is now working with Birmingham City Council to manage the application through the determination period.


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