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13 Apr
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Planning Success in Bedfordshire

NJL Consulting have recently achieved approval of a major Reserved Matters application for client UK Land and Property which will allow the creation of a 1M sq.ft Distribution Hub within Bedfordshire’s Northern Expansion Area (NEA).

Submitted in Winter 2017, NJL have worked collaboratively with technical co-consultants and UKLP to ensure the successful progression of the application. Alongside addressing the reserved matters, the application also sought to discharge 11 conditions in order to ensure the unobstructed realisation of the proposals.

The process has involved sustained discussions with Bedford Borough Council, ensuring a focused effort to address the key challenges of the site in context.

In meeting these challenges, significant technical matters have been successfully addressed, including: collaboration and coordination with surrounding Reserved Matters applications; discharging of conditions relating to tree coverage thresholds within the Forest of Marston Vale area; accounting for adverse noise impacts on future housing developments in the wider NEA; and ensuring the continued unhindered operation of a nearby principle railway line.



The development, which will become home to a new B&M distribution hub, will take on a key role within the wider mixed-use scheme, and help realise the strategic importance of the area for Bedfordshire and the South.

With the green light now given, the proposals are also set to make a strong contribution to the long-term vitality and viability the region, providing opportunities through the supply chain associated with both the construction and operational phases, as well as driving job creation across a number of sectors well into the future.


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