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12 Aug
Leeds By Tim Green

South Bank Leeds - Draft Regeneration Strategy

The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Next week (week commencing 15th August) Leeds City Council will publish the draft Regeneration Strategy for South Bank Leeds for consultation.

The redevelopment of this area, comprising Holbeck Urban Village, the site of the proposed HS2 station, the former Carlsberg Tetley site and encompassing other prominent and high profile developments sites, such as Temple Works, the new home for Burberry, is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The draft key proposals focus on five key themes:

  • Movement and connection;
  • Open space provision and how these are designed and utilised;
  • Three concepts for a green city centre park;
  • Indicative plans for a city boulevard – together with proposed locations
  • The vision for the land around the HS2 station site and station design, including land use and massing.

As you might expect the document is very much urban design focused – concentrating on how the area will function when everything is in place. Therein lies the conundrum.

How can a regeneration / masterplan framework for the substantial expansion of the City Centre south of the River Aire – probably the biggest city centre regeneration opportunity in the north of England – be cohesive, deliverable and informed if large parts of the jigsaw are missing?

In order for this opportunity to be fully realised it is imperative that all parts of the jigsaw – Holbeck, Carslberg, HS2 and Leeds Dock – are properly integrated with each other to form a cohesive whole. Only then will this fantastic opportunity – which will probably not come about again – be fully realised.

Will the content of the emerging Holbeck Urban Village Masterplan complement the emerging HS2 Station Masterplan?

Will the HS2 Station Masterplan complement the emerging Vastint proposals for the Carslberg Tetley site?

How will these sites be linked following the demise of New Generation Transport?

Any regeneration strategy for South Bank Leeds must be fully informed by – and in turn influence – the redevelopment aspirations of private sector landowners. 

In addition, public sector stakeholders managing transport infrastructure and public realm on behalf of the residents and ratepayers of Leeds and the city centre must ensure that their actions glue all the pieces together and make the whole work.  Once implementation of the strategy commences it will be impossible to undo – therefore the strategy content needs to be right.

Time to get involved.  If you own any sites or have links to sites which may be affected by this publication and would like advice from NJL Consulting, please get in touch with us!


Images courtesy of Tim Green via flickr

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