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  • 18 Nov
    800Px Industrial Mezzanine Floor

    Mezzanines and CIL - changes to Planning Practice Guidance

    The Government has revised National Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) to confirm that mezzanine floorspace, inserted into an existing building, is not liable for CIL unless the mezzanine forms part of a wider planning permission that seeks to provide other works as well.

    PPG previously included a 200sqm threshold, whereby only mezzanines over 200sqm (gross) were liable for CIL, unless the mezzanine was linked to wider works.

  • 28 Sep
    Money By 401 K 2012 Via Flickr

    Obliged to oblige?

    Highlighted in her recent blog, Justine started a discussion on why new homes are not being built in the UK and ways in which the build process can be sped up to facilitate the growing demand. 

    An issue that runs hand-in-hand with the delivery of housing is the need for local authorities, be it local, county or national, to deliver the infrastructure requirements needed to support new developments.  There is also the ever growing need for affordable homes to be delivered to meet the growing demand currently faced by local authorities.

  • 17 Jan
    Investement Banner

    The Community Infrastructure Levy: Speak now or forever hold your peace

    Planning Resource recently published an article highlighting the fact that developers are not engaging with the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) process; neither responding to draft Charging Schedule consultations, nor appearing in person at hearings. Given that it's the developers that will be stumping up the bill at the end of the day, this seems alarming. After all, housebuilders, retail and commercial developers alike play a significant role in shaping Local Development Plans, so why the lack of involvement in the CIL process?

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