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  • 13 Apr
    Resized Wixams2

    Planning Success in Bedfordshire

    NJL Consulting have recently achieved approval of a major Reserved Matters application for client UK Land and Property which will allow the creation of a 1M sq.ft Distribution Hub within Bedfordshire’s Northern Expansion Area (NEA).

    Submitted in Winter 2017, NJL have worked collaboratively with technical co-consultants and UKLP to ensure the successful progression of the application. Alongside addressing the reserved matters, the application also sought to discharge 11 conditions in order to ensure the unobstructed realisation of the proposals.

  • 28 Nov

    NJL submits application for new B&M Distribution Hub

    NJL Consulting, on behalf of UK Land and Property (UKLP), has submitted a reserved matters planning application for the development of a 1,000,000 sq.ft warehouse in Bedfordshire. The site is located at Wixams Northern Expansion Area (NEA) and is to be home to a new B&M distribution hub.

    In collaboration with UKLP, B&M, DLA Architecture, the Vinden Partnership and other co-consultants, NJL has managed the planning process, and reviewed and prepared technical reports, and consulted with stakeholders. 

  • 17 Feb
    Distribution Centre

    "Changing the Face of Retail" - Insider Breakfast 10/02/2016

    On Wednesday last week, my alarm went off at an inordinately early hour for a visit to the Imperial War Museum at Trafford Wharf for my first Insider event of 2016.  The breakfast seminar, hosted by the ever-charismatic NW Insider editor Chris Maguire, was not only an insightful discussion into the retail sector, but a collection of analogies from various experts on how the commercial and logistics sectors are ‘Changing the Face of Retail’. 


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