Hotels & Leisure


We have extensive experience of securing planning permission for leisure developments, from hotels and major leisure complexes to sports facilities and indoor activity centres.

We have worked closely with Councils to unlock difficult to develop sites, providing facilities with a national attraction that offer major regeneration benefits.  We have led on the planning and economic strategy for these developments and  facilitate the delivery of the development.

Our track record included advising on urban hotel developments, working in partnership with local authorities to achieve commercially viable solutions for constrained sites.  We manage issues include heritage, proximity to other uses and transport constraints to meet commercial requirements.   

Our team can manage large project teams to overcome technical issues and find solutions and mitigation strategies to support a deliverable scheme without onerous cost implications.

Some of our key skills within the Leisure & Tourism sector include:

  • Complex planning stage project management
  • Overcoming interlinked technical constraints
  • Partnership working
  • Influencing regeneration/economic strategies