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NJL Consulting acted on behalf of Seashell Trust to prepare and submit an application for the next phase of the Seashell Trust Campus transformation project. The application relates to the new College, Administration, Sports and Training building, a 5,100sqm high-quality, bespoke development to facilitate ongoing provision of special needs education at the Seashell Campus.

The Next Phase of the Seashell Trust Campus: Text

Seashell transforms the lives of children and young adults with complex disabilities through providing outstanding care and education. A safe, calm learning environment tailored to the students’ specific needs enables them to develop and progress to their full potential. Specially trained staff support the children and young adults to live happy fulfilled lives. Seashell takes pride in their proactive approach towards building communication, independence, and life skills to better prepare the students for a future where they thrive.

NJL Consulting’s involvement in the Campus transformation project has been long-standing, having submitted the original hybrid planning application in 2016. The original hybrid application was subject to a public inquiry where the appeal Inspector recommended that the appeal be allowed subject to conditions and planning obligations. The decision was then subsequently subject to Secretary of State Call-in.  In April 2020, the Secretary of State confirmed that they agreed with the Inspector’s conclusions.

Since the hybrid application was approved, the school building has been built out and is fully operational.

NJL Consulting continue to advise in respect of various aspects of the transformation project.

The Next Phase of the Seashell Trust Campus: Text
The Next Phase of the Seashell Trust Campus: Image
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