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Last night, NJL celebrated in style to mark the 20th year of the business. It was a pleasure to celebrate with clients, old and new and reflect on achievements and milestones over the last two decades. 

NJL turns 20!!!: Text

NJL started in a small office in Salford overlooking areas which now form part of the major regeneration sites of the North West. The changing nature of the North West skyline has been symbolic of the rise of NJL over the last 20 years. The team, our projects and people we work with reflects all of the passion, hard work and ambition that has been in the business from the very beginning.

We’ve been fortunate to work on some impressive projects across the country which have had genuinely positive impacts on the spaces and places we live in. Our work is nothing short of varied! From comprehensive regeneration of the North such as Trafford Waters, MediaCity and The Moor, major residential development exceeding over 25,000 units (the size of a small town!) numerous retail and logistics facilities down to individual bespoke green belt houses. Our work has spanned all sectors, authorities and client bases. 

Over the years, our people have been the making of NJL. We’re incredibly proud of the number of young professionals  we have trained, mentored and guided as they embark on their career. And we look forward to welcoming many more budding professionals into the company. 

Last night was a great opportunity, to reflect and celebrate the successes of the last 20 years.  We celebrated remembering great projects, working with great people and long established friendships and partnerships that have been the bedrock of the business.  It was a time to pause and reflect on where we have come from and our hopes for the future. 

We are lucky to have a great team and projects which will be undoubted success in the future. We are excited to continue growing, developing an advancing in the industry. 

We’ve always worked hard to bring our network together and help people succeed in their businesses, we hope that more new friends and connections will be established in the coming years.

NJL turns 20!!!: Text
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