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Affiliations and Values: Text

At NJL we are proud of our company values. The commitment to our staff, clients and causes is what drives us.

We are passionate about creating relationships and partnerships that are robust and genuine. We recognise the importance of working with a whole range of people and organisations to ensure the work we do reaches those who will benefit most from it.   

Affiliations and Values: Welcome


Affiliations and Values: Text

NJL has longstanding and close relationships with the RTPI. We offer mentoring for graduates undertaking their APC and regularly engage with RTPI initiatives and events.

Over the last 18 months, two members of the team have been part of the Young Planners Committee - organising events and initiatives across the North West.

More recently, NJL has worked with the RTPI and local universities to promote a pilot work placement scheme to support refugees fleeing conflict across the world.  

In summer 2022, NJL signed a partnership with Protect our Winters, and pledged to become carbon zero as soon as possible. Our partnership with POW will push us to make changes as a business to lead by example in a carbon zero world.


We are delighted to be partnering with Life Share as our charity of the year. Life Share is a Manchester based charity helping people affected by homelessness. Life Share offers practical advice, assistance, support and information for people on the streets in Manchester and Salford. They offer continued support to those affected by homelessness to help them find secure accommodation and support them as they move forward in life.

Affiliations and Values: Recent Projects
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