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We are delighted to be partnering with Life Share as our charity of the year. Life Share is a Manchester based charity helping people affected by homelessness.

NJL Announces Partnership with Lifeshare: Text

Life Share offers practical advice, assistance, support and information for people on the streets in Manchester and Salford. They offer continued support to those affected by homelessness to help them find secure accommodation and support them as they move forward in life.

A study undertaken in January 2023 found that Manchester has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the UK. At the time, around 7,407 people (or one in 74 people) will experience homelessness. As a business, we work with a whole range of clients and developers with the aim of providing high quality accommodation to all facets of society. It’s a dire situation that the homelessness levels are still so high (and rising) in the City.

At NJL, we want to play our part in trying to tackle this crisis. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Life Share to support them in the brilliant work that they been doing since the 1980’s to support people affected by homelessness in Manchester and Salford.

Over the year we will be supporting the charity through a range of fundraising events, collections and volunteering, so keep your eyes peeled for exciting updates about how you can support our work.

NJL Announces Partnership with Lifeshare: Text


To kick off our partnership, we are collecting Easter eggs for families who will be supported by life share this Easter. In addition, the charity is always in need of essential items such as toiletries, clothes and blankets. 

You can help us by purchasing Easter treats or essential items using the following link  or via clicking the button below.

Thankyou for all your support- it is so appreciated and will make a difference to people in need in Manchester

NJL Announces Partnership with Lifeshare: About
NJL Announces Partnership with Lifeshare: Image
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