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NJL planning approval - Cube Homes: Text

Last week, NJL secured planning approval on behalf of Cube Homes for their development at High Lane, Chorlton as the scheme was unanimously approved by members of Manchester City Council’s Planning and Highways Committee.

The site comprises the former Manchester Islamic High School for Girls, which has long outgrown the site and has moved to alternative premises in Didsbury. Cube acquired the site in 2022, and the proceeds from the land purchase facilitated the school’s relocation.

The proposals are for 22 new homes, comprising 14 four-bedroom townhouses, 6 two-bedroom apartments, and the retention and refurbishment of Carlton House, a non-designated heritage asset that will be converted into two townhouses. The layout and scale of the development have been carefully considered to respect the traditional street pattern of Chorlton, and the proposals are expected to enhance the Conservation Area while delivering public benefits through sustainable development.

Cube conducted early public consultation in 2023 to understand concerns from the outset, and comments provided during this process were considered thoroughly and incorporated into the scheme. The project team has actively engaged with Manchester City Council and Chorlton ward members throughout the application process, incorporating their feedback, which led to several design changes and improvements to the proposed development.

We have worked alongside Cube Homes, MPSL, SCP Transport, Communiti, LanPro, E3P, BWB, RSK, and Brennan Consult to address technical matters, put forward proposals that are locally acceptable, and create a scheme to be proud of.

Overall, the scheme will bring forward a high-quality housing development on a brownfield site in a sustainable location, and we look forward to seeing it brought to life.

NJL planning approval - Cube Homes: Text
NJL planning approval - Cube Homes: Image
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